Ethical Catering Services

Businesses have become more aware of the negative impact their activities can have on the environment. As an established SME we make a significant effort to reduce our impact on the environment, whilst also meeting our numerous social responsibilities.

We are firm believers that we achieve more by working together, hence why we work with reputable suppliers, manufacturers and like minded caterers and event organisers. On a more local level we like to put back into our local community by utilising local services, products and staffing.

Responsible sourcing

In recent years diners have become more discerning and are more interested than ever, in the provenance of the food that they consume. Being an ISO:9001 accredited caterer we take great care in sourcing the right products from high quality, vetted suppliers and manufacturers. Add to this our methodical operational standards and the stringent safety controls that we employ, you and your guests can rest assured that your food is safe.


Since our inception in 2005 we have continually improved our working practices to decrease the impact that our activities have on the environment. Over the years this has seen various measures and protocols put in place to ensure that in our small way we are doing everything we can to keep our business environmentally friendly. In line with our environmental policy we ensure that all staff are aware of our environmental responsibilities so that collectively we can ensure all objectives are met.

“Catering for the entire family”

2015 saw the launch of our new Lebanese Wraps offer to the events and festivals circuit. In early august the offer made its way down to Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, where it became an instant success with the predominantly family based audience. The most popular item being our Chicken Shawarma Wraps followed closely by our Lamb Shawarma Wrap.

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